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Getting the message out there

Watch out Portland Oregon here we come.

September 20-23 2016 Portland hosts  the 4th World Parkinson Congress. Last congress in Montreal I had presented my video on “How I deal with it “. This time I take part of the Poster sessions The Benefits of Racquetball for People living with Parkinson’s.

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You will find videos , interviews and topics concerning Parkinson and Racquetball.

Warning , the section called songs is a few songs that I sing for my grand-children and some songs that I wrote for them . Grand-children will love you no matter how bad you sing. I can access this section in my computer but not my iPad nor my iPhone. What can you do!  Computers??

 Hope to see you in Portland.  Enjoy!




Lessons learned about the effects of Racquetball while living with Parkinson's.