What I've learned and seen at the Pan Am games 2015

I came to the games with one objective in mind, to see each and every member of the  Canadian racquetball team play one game. I achieved my goal and learned much more than I had anticipated. Let me share a few things I've learned along the way. I know that every athlete  has strengths ,  flaws and sets very high standards for herself or himself. 

I've observed that a team is made up of individuals who learn to work as a unit. I've seen the joy and passion in the eyes of fellow athletes when their comrades are on a winning streak. I've seen the pain in the faces of parents when their child-athlete is struggling on the court. I've seen joy of sharing a win and the stress of living a defeat. I have come to realize that athletes who accept that loosing is part of the game do not last. You must strive to win and hate to loose. The difference between a " sore looser " and an athlete is that a sore looser is angry, upset and unpleasant ( and often blames everyone but himself )  An athlete does not accept to loose, he can be angry , upset and can even be unpleasant But he capitalizes on a defeat to learn and grow stronger in order to strategically prepare the next game.

As Dr Wayne asked young Bruce Wayne "Why do we fall? ", "To better get up again "replied his son, whom we all know became the master of strategic game plans.
I have learned that athletes need one another and need a coach in order to grow. I have seen parents who were so concentrated on their game that they are unaware of anyone and anything around them. I have offered to share my snack to a parent who answered that she cannot eat during her daughter's game, her stomach won't take it. I have observed parents who struggle not to go down and strangle the ref, the coach or the opposing player. I have seen the light of boundless pride shine from the eyes of a grand-mother. 

I have learned that there is a price to pay in order to strive to be the best in your sport and there is surely a price to pay to stay the best. I have observed the solid mentoring of the senior players and the enthusiastic effort of the upcoming youngsters.
I went to the games with the objective of seeing each  team member play a game. I leave the games with much more than I had bargained for. I leave with a new found respect for each and every one in this fantastic racquetball family

Jacques  Séguin 

PAN AM 2015

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